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An often overlooked aspect of schools is how we get to and from them. Over the course of a school year student's can spend days traveling to and from the classroom. Too often their mode of transportation is not as healthy as it could be.

This group is a place to talk about all things transportation. Have you had success with a no-idling campaign, or a walk to school initiative? Tell us about it here. Is your school interested in biodiesel or bike racks? This is the place to pose your questions and have them answered by the wisdom of the community.

EDN presents a biodiesel webinar!


Hi Educators!

Check out EDN's Biodiesel Webinar TODAY and learn how to bring biodiesel into the classroom!


Does anyone's school do biodiesel? We're happy to say we just put biodiesel in 2 schools - one in Seattle and one in Newton, MA. Does anyone else have experience with biodiesel?

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